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  • Postpone

    I know that i said that i was going to start P90x on may 1st, but i am a college student that goes to school full-time and keeps a part time job. So yesterday (may 1st) I wake up at 6am to make it on time for my class  for my 7:30am class i have 3 classes per day and i am usually done by 12pm. I have to drive back home which means crossing the entire city(literally) it usually takes me about 45min, depending on traffic. Then i go to work from 3-8pm, and when i get home i have get started on homework and major studying for my finals. So there is 2 weeks left of school (THANK GOD) so in the mean time i will skip all the intense workouts like p90x and reduce my workout intensity at the gym, because i usually do like 3 hours. And the new plan is to try out the very famous Master Cleanse diet for the next 10 days. After that school should be over and i can dedicated all my spare time to working on my body by trying out the amazing p90x. 

  • May 2, 2012